Yoga with Sharon Gisbourne

Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Yoga therapist in Worcestershire, Evesham, Pershore, and surrounding area.


Swedish Body Massage

Touch is a primary human need so having a massage is incredibly beneficial to our overall well-being. The body responds in two ways. Firstly, the physical effect on the body: for example the reduction of muscle stiffness and/or helping to increase joint mobility. Then there are the psychological benefits, such as, improving self-esteem, relaxation and a great sense of well-being.  An ideal antidote to the rigours of modern life! Massage can also increase our energy levels, improve circulation, and relieve headaches and back pain. It also releases endorphins, our feel good hormones.

Indian Head massage 

Indian Head Massage is carried out fully clothed and seated in a low backed chair. The upper back, shoulders, neck, head, scalp and face are worked on. Oil on the scalp is optional but can be very beneficial if the scalp and hair have a tendency to dryness. Benefits of this type of massage are: anxiety and stress are reduced, hair and scalp condition is improved, headaches are lessened by removing tension from the scalp and neck, circulation is improved, which helps to detoxify the body.


Reiki believes that when an individual’s vital energy becomes unbalanced they show signs of illness. Reiki healing can rebalance the body’s energy. The Reiki flows through the body guiding itself to the areas that need healing and raises the vibration level of the energy field in and around the body (The Aura, Chakras and Nadis). Negative energy, which causes disruption to the flow of life force, is displaced and the body is diffused with positive energy. Balancing the client and restoring good health. Reiki creates appropriate healing for many conditions including: Stress and tension, headache/migraine, fatigue, insomnia, it speeds up recovery after injury, clears blockages and toxins, alleviates grief and trauma and maintains a sense of confidence and well-being.