Yoga with Sharon Gisbourne

Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Yoga therapist in Worcestershire, Evesham, Pershore, and surrounding area.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of promoting well-being in both the body and mind. The word Yoga means “Yoke or Union” meaning to harmonise body, mind and spirit.  I find that most people come to value the sense of well-being that Yoga produces in their life. The individual will start to notice an enhancement in their health, body and clarity of mind. Therefore, they will start to notice their body more and will eventually take control of their own life and health. With regular practise they will learn to tap into their energy reserves when needed and know instinctively when not to waste energy either physically or emotionally. They will also find that their respiratory system will function more efficiently and that their ability to concentrate will be increased.

 This is very important in the stressful, competitive, fast-paced lifestyle that is lead by many people today. Often we become overworked and tired lowering our ability to concentrate, sometimes making us depressed and lethargic. This in turn closes up our bodies and stops us breathing properly, hence, not allowing our bodies to gain the energy that they need to function efficiently. This is why yoga as a system of personal growth and development to balance the body, mind and spirit is essential. Yoga is powerful enough to free the body from all of these symptoms of stress.

 Deep relaxation focuses the body, mind and emotions. Asana (Yoga Postures) will increase muscle flexibility and relieve muscle tension. Control of the breath through Pranayama (breathing techniques) and during asana work will ease the process of respiration, calming the mind and emotions. Meditation will enhance our patience and give us clarity of mind. Yoga also affords us the time to work at our own pace and to know our own personal limitations. Each individual can use and develop their own practise, which to me makes yoga a very personal and wonderful set of principles to be involved with.

  Yoga can be used in almost every aspect of life. Society is demanding and yoga offers something for everyone. It is like a tool box which can be reached into to find what you need for that moment in time.