Yoga with Sharon Gisbourne

Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Yoga therapist in Worcestershire, Evesham, Pershore, and surrounding area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I able to eat a meal before the class?
A: Please don’t eat a large meal less than 4 hours before the class begins. Something light like a sandwich is OK up to 1 hour beforehand. Ideally the stomach, bowels and bladder should be relatively empty. This is because the abdomen and its organs are often compressed, inverted or squished in some way during some postures. Also blood and energy that the body would use to digest the food can be used by the brain and muscles instead.

Q: What should I Wear?
A: Shoes are not normally worn. This is to allow the toes, instep etc. to be free and in contact with the floor. Even the slightest heal on a shoe will affect the muscles in the legs and the position of the spine. Working with bare feet also helps prevent slipping in standing postures. Warm socks can be worn in other postures and during the relaxation. Wear loose, baggy and/or stretchy clothing that does not restrict movement. A jumper or warm top is a good idea for the relaxation at the end.

Q: What should I Bring?
A: A non-slip Yoga mat (widely available on the web). A blanket that can be folded to provide padding and/or to keep you warm during the relaxation. A handkerchief is useful to have around, particularly during breathing exercises. Most important bring an open mind!!

Q: What to expect?
A: The sessions will start with a short time of relaxation/breathing, the aim being to shake off our day and become focused on our yoga practice. This will be followed by warm-up exercises and asana (postures) and finally a 15-ish minute relaxation. Breathing techniques (pranayama) will be introduced as the class progresses. The individual will be encouraged to work at a pace suitable to them. Don’t be apprehensive, I won’t ask you to do anything that you don’t want to do and different versions of each posture will be offered as appropriate. Although steadily concentrating on what we are doing is important, I hope we can have a laugh too! Remember that yoga is non-competitive and not goal-oriented.