Yoga with Sharon Gisbourne

Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Yoga therapist in Worcestershire, Evesham, Pershore, and surrounding area.

Payment Policy

I am sure that you are aware that running a Yoga class is more than just the act of taking the class. It is a business as well, which needs time and effort to run successfully. There are lots of other factors to be considered in these days of rules and regulations, health & safety issues etc. Therefore, I have a lot of financial commitments such as, insurance, membership of a professional yoga organisation (The Independent Yoga Network), on-going training at workshops to keep in line with regulations as well as hall hire and travel costs.  This is on top of the time and effort I put in to the planning of the lessons in order to keep them varied and interesting for my students. However, I am sure you will be glad to know that I am properly qualified and insured.

Taking all this in to account I would be really grateful if people committed to paying for each block up front. This is really helpful so that I can maintain a steady cash flow and therefore run my business more efficiently. Of course I would be happy for people to interchange between my classes if that is convenient e.g. if one week you are unable to attend the Pershore class, you are welcome to attend one of my other classes instead. However, when paying for a block there are no reductions for missed weeks. Paying up front will also guarantee you a place in the class should it become busy and places limited. Also, you will see and feel more benefit from attending the class regularly due to the fact that yoga is progressive activity.

Thank you.